Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by purchasing a Telegram member?

Telegram member

If you do not have the patience to read the rest of the text, I must say “no” in one word.

So far, not even one case of blocking the Telegram channel due to the purchase of a Telegram member has taken place, because there is no reason to do so and if this happened ,anyone could hit a fake or real member for his competitors and block his channel.

Currently, Telegram blocks channels only because of copyright and immoral content, which we have discussed in an article on how to increase Telegram membership in the blog section. You can read the article by visiting the blog section below.

Will the members fall with the purchase of Telegram member?

It depends on whether you buy a fake member or a real one, any kind of real member will fall because they are real users and if they do not like the content of the channel, they will definitely miss it. But fake member, as we explained in the section above, two models with a fall and they have no loss. If you buy a member without a loss, it will not be a loss on the part of the members, but if Telegram detects it, it may delete them.

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