Why should we buy a Telegram member?

Telegram member

Increasing Telegram membership can vary depending on the type of business, but the main reason for this is increasing sales for businesses and increasing revenue for content-oriented channels such as news channels, entertainment channels and so on.

Let me simplify this with an example, suppose you have a clothing telegram channel, your current channel membership is 200 people, if a customer enters your channel and even likes the type of clothing you offer but does not buy, go to What do you think could be one of the reasons this customer did not buy from you?

According to the research we have done on different channels, one of the main reasons for this is not having enough members and not having enough channel visits! Isn’t it interesting? When the number of channel members increases and the number of views increases in proportion to it, more users trust that channel and this issue has more psychological burden and the customer inadvertently thinks in his mind that this channel has a high number of members and customers Many follow this brand so it is reliable.

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