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All methods of increasing the Telegram real member, are subset of one of this methods, mandatory member method or optional member.
So we explain to you what conditions each of the methods of increasing the membership have and can they provide good efficiency for the channels?

-In terms of Telegram member loss:

When it comes to increasing real members, one can not expect the amount of decrease in Telegram channel members to be zero, because every human being has her/his own thoughts.
between them, buying an optional member usually has a much smaller loss than a mandatory member.
We should not forget that there are various optional member methods and the drop of each one depends on that user has joined the channel with what awareness and interest.

-In terms of visits:

Definitely the visiting and viewing of optional member is more than mandatory one. one of the reasons that the channels with millions of members are less visited is that more than half of their members are mandatory members! however, buying Telegram views helps them to increase the number of views of their Telegram posts.

-In terms of quality:

Optional member is pioneer in this field too. but it should not be forgotten that different methods of increasing the optional membership have a variety of qualities that this quality is directly related to their price.

-In terms of price:

In this game, the mandatory member is definitely the winner, because the price of the mandatory member is cheaper and you can easily reach your Telegram channel to several thousand members by an inexpensive cost!
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-In terms of market capacity:

Undoubtedly mandatory member packages are pioneer in this field. even if you have enough time and money, you can not increase the channel to 100K in one day with an optional method! on the other hand, by purchasing mandatory packages, you can increase your channel members several times more than this capacity.

-In terms of time of performance:

Again, the mandatory member wins. because you can increase the channel to 100K or more in a short time but optional member is very slow in this regard.

“”Experience has shown that these two options are complementary to one another and can be good cover for each other in terms of quantity and quality. Those who want to enlarge their channel should use both.””

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