What is the difference between a fake member and a real member?

As the name implies, each of these members is a real member, a real user entering the channel, and the fake member is actually a user who is unreal. Each of these members has its own application, for example if you just need to increase the number of members and you are not looking for real or unreal users, you can get fake members and increase your channel members but if real users are important to you , We suggest you buy a real Telegram member.

What benefits will I get by buying a real Telegram add mandatory member?

In short, mandatory membership is the cheapest and easiest way to increase the actual Telegram channel membership, one of the most important advantages of this method is its low price, and apart from the price, the high capacity of Telegram channel membership is that you can have a large number of members at a time enter your channel very briefly. So if you are looking for low cost as well as high speed and guaranteed membership, mandatory add will be a good option for you.


To enjoy the benefits of cyberspace and the issue of telegram, you must set aside the right time and a small budget to increase your membership, if you are looking to progress in this direction and also ahead of your competitors in your work or life path, you must go to buy a real Telegram member or even buy a fake Telegram member. Read the description of this page and if you have any questions, you can send a message to the colleagues of the support unit via Telegram ID to guide you.

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