What are the ways to increase channel membership?

fake members and real members

In general, there are specific ways to increase the channel member, and in general, the channel member is divided into two categories: fake members and real members, each of which is divided into different categories, which we will fully describe in the following.

Fake Member:

At the moment I am writing this article, there are 2 types of fake members.
1. Normal fake member
2. Fake member without shedding

A normal fake member is of high quality but has a drop and the rate of drop is about 10 to 20%, but a fake member without a drop, as its name implies, is without a drop and has a very high quality. Of course, the word “no drop” can be misleading. “no drop” means a drop that is not done by the members themselves, but Telegram is very opposed to the issue of fake members and is constantly updating its algorithms to identify these types of members and may At intervals it can identify and delete even members with a name without loss.

Real Member:

There are currently a number of ways to increase your guaranteed real membership, the types of which are described below.

1. Real member mandatory add
2. Real pop-up member
3. Real proxy member

Mandatory members are a type of members who are forced to enter your channel. These members are people who have installed unofficial telegrams such as Mobogram or My Telegram, and in exchange for the additional services they receive in these telegrams, see advertisements and one of These ads are a mandatory addition to various telegram channels.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can see on the page related to mandatory membership.

A pop-up member is a type of advertisement that opens a page on the user’s phone and sees your channel ads and becomes a member of your channel if you click on it. Unfortunately, this method has been blocked by Telegram for a long time, and in addition to being blocked by Telegram itself, Telegram filtering also had a very negative effect on the quality of this type of member. Currently, there are sites that offer this type of member, but due to the fact that this service is restricted by both Telegram and Telegram in Iran, we decided to stop selling it, because it is not much different from the real member of the mandatory addition method.

A proxy member is a relatively new method that has been added. In this method, when a user uses the MTProto Telegram service, a channel is added as a proxy to their channel list and is permanently displayed in the user channel list at the top of the screen. If the user joins the channel, the sponsor channel will be removed from the top list and placed in the chat list among other channels.

This method is very expensive and maybe if you advertise in quality Telegram channels, it is more valuable, why? Because the user joins the channel just to remove the channel from the top list and may not be interested in the channel topic at all.

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