Telegram tricks and gimmicks for professionals!

Telegram tricks;

Because Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp and has innovative and useful features on this social network (although many may not be aware of it), many people prefer to use it. On the top digital site, we have prepared a list of 52 of the latest and most up-to-date tricks and gimmicks of Telegram, so that you can make the most of this social network by using them.

List of the newest and most up-to-date tricks and gimmicks of Telegram that you should know:

1. Choose a username

When you want to use Telegram, you have to enter your mobile number and your first name. If you do not want your real name or phone number to be displayed or you want only to show your creativity , get help from Telegram tricks and gimmicks. To do this, go to Settings and touch the Username option.

2. Choose a custom username

The only negative point to usernames is that the username must be unique. Therefore, it is possible that the phrase you want for the username has already been taken by someone else and is still in use. Therefore, if you are referring to a commonly used phrase, it is very likely that someone else chose it before you. But you do not need to be upset because with the help of another telegram trick and gimmick, this problem can also be solved.

The only way to be able to choose the username you want is to contact the Telegram support team. Of course, in order for this username to be assigned to you, you must have used it in at least two other services or social networks. Check Telegram support for the item and if you confirm, you will be assigned the phrase you want as a username. To contact the Telegram support team, go to Settings and select Ask a question.

3. Turn off the message preview option

Another trick of Telegram is to turn off the message preview. While displaying notifications when the screen is locked and previewing messages is a useful feature, sometimes you may not want others to see who sent you the message. To disable this feature, go to Telegram Settings and from the Notifications and Sounds section, disable the In-App Preview option.

4. Set custom colors for LED notification lights

In Telegram, not only can you customize notification sounds, but you can also customize the color of the notification LED. To be able to do this, your Android phone must have an LED light.

To customize notifications, you must first go to the Contact Info section, enter notifications there, and then select the Customize option. In the following, you will see items such as notifications, vibration patterns, sound, priority, and LED color.

5. Turn off notifications for some audiences

Has it ever happened that one of your contacts in the telegram sends too many messages? To deal with such people, just like customizing ads, select the desired contact and touch the Info option. Then go to the Notifications section and touch “Deactivate”.

6. Telegram tricks and gimmicks to replay messages via popup notifications

Sending messages via popup notifications is one of Telegram’s most useful features and tricks. You can enable this feature by going to Settings, Notifications and sounds, and finally touching the Popup notifications option.

7. Tricks to change mobile phone number in Telegram

Although it happens very rarely, it may sometimes be necessary to change your mobile number. Even if you have registered with Telegram with your old number, you can still easily replace it with your new number. To do this, just go to Settings and tap your number.

Telegram tricks

8. Tricks to block users in Telegram

Sometimes, some users just want to be bothered. In such cases, you can block them. To do this, from the side menu of Telegram, select the Contacts option and then select the person you want. In the next step, touch the three dots at the top right of the program and finally touch the phrase Block user.

9. Telegram tricks for customizing your chat background

Do you want to customize the image of the page you are chatting on? Are you tired of the ordinary and old background of Telegram? In this social network, you can select one of the images in the gallery or suggested items of this application by going to Settings and then Chat Background.

10. Telegram tricks to manage the download of media files

Telegram allows users to send files up to 1.5 GB in size. Although this is a great feature, it can quickly fill up the internal memory of a phone or computer and deplete the internet. The easiest way to control what kind of files are downloaded when and where is to customize the settings.

Using the tricks and gimmicks of Telegram and for better management of your media download volume and internet consumption, go to Settings and then data and internal storage (Data and Storage) and in the sections of using mobile internet (when using mobile data) Whether connected to Wi-Fi or even when roaming, specify which files to download when using which network.

11. Hide Telegram media files in the gallery

If you do not want to see the videos and images shared with you in Telegram in the gallery, you can achieve this by going to the Settings section and turning off the ” Save to gallery” option.

12. Telegram tricks and gimmicks to Hide “Last Visit Time”

Don’t you want others to know when was the last time you used Telegram? Fortunately, you can customize this as well by using Telegram tricks. In addition, it is possible to specify who can and cannot see your last visit, or even select some audiences as exceptions. To disable or customize the time of the last visit in Telegram, go to Settings, “Privacy and Security”, and finally the “last visit”.

13. Telegram tricks to read messages secretly

Ever wanted to read a message without the sender realizing it? We have to say that there is a trick to doing this. When you receive a message, turn on airplane mode, launch Telegram, and read the message. When you have done this, close the social network and turn off flight mode or airplane. With this trick, the sender will never know that you have read their message.

15. Telegram tricks and timer for sending pictures and secret conversations

Similar to Snapchat, Telegram has added a feature that lets you send messages or pictures that are automatically deleted. This feature is only active in secret chats, and to use it, after going to the chat section with the desired contact, hit the three dots on the top right and select the “Self-destruct timer” option. Set a time interval of 1 second to 1 week to specify how long the message you send will be automatically deleted.

There is a similar feature for auto-uploading images that does not necessarily have to be used in secret conversations. All you have to do is select the photo you want from the gallery and touch the clock icon to specify how long you want the image to be sent.

15. Telegram tricks and gimmicks to set a password for conversations

One of the reasons why many Telegram users like it, is that it has several security features. One of these features and tricks in Telegram allows people to encrypt their conversations so that if someone has access to their mobile phone, they can not read the messages in Telegram. To set the password, go to Settings, then “Privacy and Security”, and finally touch the “Passcode lock” option to enter your 4-digit password. You can even Use the fingerprint scanner sensor to unlock the telegram. After doing this, by touching the lock indicator in the upper right corner, it will be possible to lock the telegram.

16. Telegram tricks and gimmicks in responding directly to messages in group chats

If there are many messages in the Telegram group chat, there is always the option to reply to a particular message directly. To do this, place your finger on the desired message and click the reply option. You can also drag the message to the right so you can replay a message faster.

17. Telegram tricks and gimmicks in searching the history of messages

If you want to search for a message that you sent months ago and you do not have the patience to search for it manually, you can use one of the internal tools of Telegram. Go to the same conversation where you sent your message, tap the three dots at the top right, and select “Search”. Write the word you want here to display the messages that contain that phrase.

18. Hashtags

Another trick of Telegram is that, like Twitter, it allows you to use hashtags (#) to categorize messages related to a specific topic on a regular basis. To take advantage of this feature, just hit the # sign and then either write a new word or choose one of the available options.
It should be noted that all hashtags are in the memory of each user’s conversations, so you can find them with a simple search in your conversation history.

19. Use Telegram on PC

Just like WhatsApp, you can use Telegram on PCs, Macs, and even computers running Linux. In addition, there is a web-based version of this social network, the opportunity is provided to download Telegram from “” , to run it on your computer.

20. Check active accounts in Telegram

Using Telegram tricks and gimmicks, users can access their Telegram account through various devices. For this reason, it is not bad to check from time to time and see what devices your account is active on. To access this section, you need to go to Settings, then “Privacy and Security” , and then “Active sessions”. Also, if you want, you can log out of the devices on which you do not want your account to be active.

21. Send animated stickers and gifs

By this we do not mean simple waves and emoticons, but images that can express emotions with the best graphics. Stickers are painted shapes that can be downloaded as complete packages with different or separate themes. You can even use Telegram tricks to make your own stickers using the @stickers robot, where you can learn the relevant tutorials.

In addition, it is possible to search among animated gifs and they can be sent to most Telegram users, so you do not need to search for them in Google and send a still image, so all you have to do is use the same gifs. Use the animation available in Telegram.

22. Change the theme and color of Telegram

New tricks added to it in one of the Telegram updates are the possibility for users to change the theme. With this feature, people can customize the application interface using one of the pre-installed themes or create a photo of their own. You can even change the color of each button, text, background and pages of the software.

Currently, this feature only applies to phones that use Google-made operating systems such as Android, but the developers of Telegram have stated that the iOS version will be updated soon and will support various themes. Not bad to keep in mind that the tool to do this does not exist in the main competitor of this social network, WhatsApp. In the following, you will see a step-by-step tutorial on changing the Telegram theme:

Step 1: Run Telegram and hit the button in the upper left corner. In the list that opens, select the Settings button.

Step 2: In the settings, touch the Theme option. Now choose one of the Blue or Dark items.

Step 3: If you want to create a custom theme, click the “Create New Theme button”. Then choose a name for it and confirm it (OK).

Step 4: Now tap on the icon of the color screen on the right side of the option to create a new theme and select the item you want to change its color, select the color you want to change its color, select it.

Step 5: In this step, you just need to select the desired color for each of the available items and click the “Save” button, and finally save the theme (Save Theme).

With this trick, the Telegram user interface will be customized with either a pre-installed theme or a theme created by you.

23. Making custom masks

Telegram is very popular as WhatsApp’s most important competitor due to its numerous image editing tools. One of the attractive features of this social network is the ability to make a mask, which can be done either with images in the gallery or with photos taken simultaneously with the phone’s camera. Just like stickers, you can have a complete package of masks in the app itself.

Follow the tutorials below to learn how robots or automated profiling and mask making work.

Step 1: Telegram has an automated profile to help users make stickers and masks. In the search field, enter the phrase @Stickers and select the displayed robot.

Step 2: The messaging app will play the user’s dialog page with the @Stickers robot. From the available options, click the Start button to activate the robot. Then follow the steps below to make your own stickers and masks.

Step 3: Send the new mask to the command address newmask //// to create your personal package. Then complete the process and choose a name for the created package.

Step 4: Click the attach button and send the photos as a file. Note: Images must be in PNG format, 512 x 512 pixel resolution and 350 KB in size. If the bot accepts the uploaded file, four options for the mask type will be displayed to specify the image type. In this step, select one of them.

Step 5: Here you have to prepare the mask for final approval. Adjust the resulting image according to the above conditions (format, resolution and size) and click the Ready button. Follow the steps to complete the package.

Step 6: Select the “publish” button to complete the package so that the automated profiling will ask you to select a name and give the URL for the created mask group.

Step 7: The robot completes the operation by displaying the release message and the link to the package. Run the created package and select the Add masks option to add the masks to the image editing menu.

Step 8: The created masks can be easily used in different parts of the telegram and it is possible to share them with the audience.

24. Delete the account manually or automatically

Do you want to leave Telegram altogether and go to WhatsApp? Or have you decided to draw a line around social media altogether? Fortunately, Telegram’s tricks allow users to easily delete their accounts as easily as possible. To do this, go to Settings and then Privacy and Security and click the Account self-destructs button. The only problem here is that the automatic deletion of the account does not happen quickly, but you have to choose one of the options between 1 and 6 months. In addition, if you want to delete your Telegram account immediately, you must go to the following address and enter your phone number:

25. Telegram tricks for customizing and editing images

You can customize the images you send to your friends in different ways. For example, it is possible to draw or add text and stickers on them. In addition, there is an in-app image editing tool that changes the brightness, contrast and other aspects of photos. Such options are really practical. To take advantage of this feature, select a photo or video to upload as usual and click the edit icon to begin the customization process.

26. Use of robots

Telegram has been providing robots to users for some time, but today it has become much easier and more accessible. To activate a robot in Telegram and use its tricks, all you have to do is type @ in the search field and then type the name of the robot in question. Some of the most common ones are @ gif (for searching between gif files), @vid (for searching between videos), @imdb (for searching for movie information), @bing (for general search), @wiki and @bold ( To change the text format). There are many robots in Telegram, but with these, you can meet many of your needs.

There is even an opportunity to build your own robot and do with the things you have. For starters this is a great way to get word out that @@botfather will teach you how to build a robot and how it works. You can also manage existing bots with @botfather.

27. Pin conversations to the top of the chat screen

One of the biggest drawbacks of Telegram is that you can not hide conversations in which not many messages are sent. Accordingly, the inbox is always full of channels and groups that users usually do not want to see. One trick to dealing with this problem is to pin your frequently used conversations to the top of your telegram page. The least benefit of this method is that you will only see the chats that you deal with the most.

To pin a conversation, place your finger on it for a long time. A small menu will appear. Then click the Pin to top option.

28. Edit sent messages

Telegram allows users to edit sent messages, so it is possible to correct typos and similar errors. To edit a message, just hold your finger on it for a long time and touch the pencil icon. After correcting the error, send the rewritten message so that when it appears on the chat page, a small pencil will appear at the bottom to indicate that the message has already been edited.

29. Location sharing

Just like WhatsApp, you can share your location with a Telegram contact with the help of Telegram tricks and gimmicks. To do this, tap the paper clip icon on the chat screen and tap Location. With this option, you can either send the current location to others or the location 15 minutes to 8 hours later.

30. Telegram tricks to control how images are compressed

Most social networks and messaging services compress the images that users post on them in order to save internet and internal storage, but this reduces the quality of the images. But Telegram tricks give people the opportunity to specify whether to send the photo they want to upload compressed or in full quality. Of course, this depends on where the images are stored, ie the Gallery or the File section.

When you select a file from a gallery, the image is considered a media file and is sent in a compressed, fast and easy way. But here you can send the desired image in full quality from the file section. The selection section of the Telegram file provides the opportunity to search in the phone’s internal memory and select the photo that the users want.

31. Save messages to read at another time

If you receive a message and want to read it later or show it to others, you must forward it and send it to Saved Messages. It is even possible to send messages that have photos and videos. Saved messages are displayed with the name of the person who first sent them, and you can view or share them at any time.

32. Use multiple different accounts

A Telegram user can have multiple accounts so you have the opportunity to use one account at work and another account at home. To add a new account, select the small arrow next to your name until + Add Account appears. Then enter the desired phone number and follow the displayed steps. Once the new account has been created, you can enter the chat environment by tapping the same small arrow and selecting the desired account.

33. Telegram tricks in deleting sent messages

Have you ever sent a message but later regretted it? Fortunately, one of Telegram’s tricks is that you can delete sent messages. To do this, place your finger on a message for a long time and then select the trash can icon that appears at the top right. Then a message will appear in which there is an option to delete the messages for the receiving party. Tap it to delete the message completely.

Remember that you can delete the message only 48 hours after it is sent, and after this period, it is no longer possible to delete the message, so act quickly !!!. (Note: If your phone supports the latest version of Telegram, you can delete all messages from both sides)

34. Conversations folder

The Conversations folder is one of the best and newest Telegram tricks that you should be aware of and work with. Since the users of this social network follow many channels and groups, and the audience who sends messages to them privately is not small, so seeing all the different chats on the main page can be confusing. To solve this problem, Telegram has a feature called “Chat Folders”. This option helps you categorize your chats by different titles. As a result, the appearance of this social network will be very simple and clean.

If you also want to create a folder for your conversations, touch the Telegram-shaped hamburger menu (three lines on top of each other) and go to Settings and Folders, respectively. Then tap on the Create New Folder option and name it. Then add the chats you want to have in this folder. Also, it is possible to put conversations that you do not like in the folder under this group. Now the user interface of the Telegram home page will have different tabs so that you can manage it more easily.


35. Add close people and groups to Telegram

Last year, a unique feature was added to Telegram that allowed you to find users and groups near you. This feature is very useful when you do not want to write the number of others and add him to the telegram. In addition, if you plan to attend conferences, universities, festivals and similar events, you can find several related groups. To add people near you, launch the Telegram menu and go to the Contacts section and tap Add People Nearby. Previously, to use this feature, the monitor must be running, but now users can turn on the “Make Me Visible” option from the People Nearby section, so that people nearby can find their profile.

 36. Telegram tricks and gimmicks to send messages silently

There are times when you know that friends or family members are studying or relaxing or attending meetings, but you do not want to disturb them, but at the same time you need to send them a message. Fortunately for such moments in Telegram there is a feature called Silent Messages. With this feature, you can send a message that does not cause noise or vibration, even when the “Do Not Disturb Mode” option is on. To use it, after you have typed the text of your message, place your finger on the send and hold button, and then tap the Send without sound option.

 37. Telegram tricks to send scheduled messages

For busy people, scheduling is the best way to get things done at the same time. Until today, there was a feature of sending emails on a scheduled basis, but now this feature has also come to Telegram. As you can see in the picture, after writing the text of the message, you can put your finger on the send button and hold, and then select the Schedule messages option and specify the date and time of sending. Eventually the message will be sent at the same time as you specified.

 38. Telegram tricks to delete the sender’s personal messages

As we said in the previous tricks, you can delete the messages you sent yourself, but did you know that there is a feature in Telegram that allows you to delete the messages sent by the other party? It may seem strange, but this feature is for those who care too much about their privacy. To use this feature, just tap on the received message and select delete and select “for. . . Also delete the message ”(Also delete for…). At the end the message will be deleted for both people.

39. Upload media files with auto-delete capability

The automatic delete feature is one of the popular features of Telegram, but until recently it was only for secret chats. Now with the latest update, you can send images, videos and media files in regular conversations that are automatically deleted after a while. To use this feature, just select the desired photo or video and press the timer button. Now specify the expiration date of the media file to be deleted after that time.

 40. Telegram tricks and gimmicks for editing videos

With the latest update, Telegram is no longer a social network, but it has many features to meet many of your needs. It already has several image editing options, but now it has added a variety of video editing capabilities. To use this feature, launch a conversation and select the video you want to send. From this section you can see the degree of color saturation, contrast, lighting and. . . Change. There is even an option to set the color quality in RGB. All in all, if you want an app that you can use to improve the color and appearance of your videos, Telegram can do it for you.

 41. Add animated stickers to images and videos

In the latest Telegram update, you can add animated stickers to images and videos. Of course, keep in mind that after adding a sticker, the photos will turn into gifs and their quality will decrease. However, to use this feature, select the desired photo or video, and then the brush icon at the bottom. Then tap the stickers icon and then add the animated sticker to the media file.

42. Telegram tricks to set the alarm clock

Setting an alarm clock is one of the most requested features in messaging apps, and now, fortunately, this feature has come to Telegram. WhatsApp recently partnered with “” company to incorporate the feature, but Telegram has made it possible on its own. Of course, there is a small problem here, and it is that the alarm clock can only be set in the Saved Messages section. To take advantage of this feature, write the text in the saved messages section and place your finger on the send and hold button and click the set reminder option and specify the exact date and time. Telegram will send a notification message, just like Google Calendar or other task management apps. Although this feature is very useful, it would have been better if Telegram could have used it in other conversations as well.

 43. Telegram tricks for quick search to find gif and youtube files

If you want to send a gif file or a YouTube link without closing the telegram, all you have to do is type @ gif or @youtube and type the word. By doing this, you will quickly see the search results on the same talk page. This feature will surely be welcomed by many people, and we are also pleased that Telegram has been synced with other miscellaneous software.

 44. Telegram tricks for slow mode in sending messages

If you are a group manager in Telegram, Slow Mode is exactly what you need to manage the conversation routine and prevent spams. Once you have enabled this option and set the time to write the message, members will be restricted from sending a message within the specified time. For example, if you set the message sending time to 15 seconds, the group member will have to wait 15 seconds after sending the message to send another message. This will surely increase the value of each person’s message. To turn on slow mode, tap the group name and select the edit option (font icon) and touch the Permissions and slow mode options, respectively.

45. Telegram tricks to copy a specific part of a text message

One of the main problems with WhatsApp is its limited editing capabilities. For example, if someone sends you a message, you can not select a part of it, but you have to copy it all and then paste it in the text section, and finally, select and copy the part you want. In Telegram, however, there is a wonderful way to do this and copy a specific part of the message. All you have to do is select the message you want and then tap it again to copy the part you want.

46. Poll and test mode

If you are interested in the Twitter comments feature, you have good news to experience similar if you experience it in Telegram groups. This messenger has the ability to launch without comment or by name and the moment they need to time. Apart from this, there is a test mode (test mode) that lets you see who is offered what other option. Even if it launches a mock test that gives multiple answers. If you are a group manager, this is a great way to store feedback from members. Touch the attach icon (pin) to launch the poll and tap the polling options. You must use a robot for experiments.

47. Determine the important time of playing videos

Just like YouTube, where you can share important videos with others, so can Telegram. For example, if you want to send a long movie to others and tell them to watch it from the 1st minute onwards, just mention it in the caption. Then, when the other party clicks on the created link, the video will play from that moment. This feature is great for those who are constantly posting videos on Telegram.

 48. Telegram tricks to send uncompressed media files without size reduction

In WhatsApp and other messaging apps, in order to send media files uncompressed, you need to change their extension to PDF or EXE, but in Telegram you do not need to do this because you just have to select the media file and select it from the menu. Three points in a row, select the option without sending without compression (Send without compression). This feature is great for when you want to send high quality and bulky photos.

49. Avoid being added to groups by accident with the following tricks

One of the main problems with messaging apps is that anyone from anywhere can add you to groups without permission, but in Telegram you can disable the option. To do this, go to Settings, then Privacy, then Security, then Groups, and finally My Contacts, and select Never Allow so that no one else can see you. To become a member of groups.

50. Telegram tricks to view search results as a list

Telegram has finally made it possible for us to see the search results in a tabular order. Previously, we had to tap on the next option to find something, but now you can type the word and touch the text field at the bottom to see a list of search results.

51. Turn off notifications received from contacts

We all have friends who always forward and send us messages from somewhere. Fortunately, Telegram has thought about this and allowed us to put the announcements of such people on silent. To do this, select the contact page of the target audience and tap their profile picture. Then select the Notifications option and turn off the related sounds for a limited time or permanently.

52. Activate night mode automatically

If you like to use the dark mode of Telegram only at night so as not to be bothered by the light in the dark room, turning on the option to activate the night mode of this application is the option you need. When you turn on this option, the dark mode in the background of the software will be activated automatically. To do this, go to Settings, Chat Settings, and Themes, and tap Auto-Night Mode. Of course, from here it is possible to choose one of the options Automatic or Schedule.

If you select the second option, the auto-dark mode will light up at the time you set it so you can change it. If you select the first option, ‌ the dark mode will light up automatically based on the ambient light. Also, you can increase or decrease the slider to determine what percentage of light the software has.

Since there is no complete tutorial on Telegram tricks and tricks, if you know anything about Telegram, please share it with us in the comments section so that we can complete this article as well.

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