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These days, with the boom in the digital currency market, many online businesses have moved to pay for their products with digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Telegram retains its position even after being filtered in Iran, and many Iranian businesses continue to market and sell their products through Telegram.

One of the most important parts of Telegram marketing is the increase of Telegram members.

Member augmentation can be done in different ways. The most important of these methods are the following:

  • Link Exchange
  • Activities and advertising in groups
  • Increase the number of admins
  • Use of applications
  • Buy a fake or real member
  • According to the title, in this article to introduce the fifth methods of increasing the number of Telegram members.


What is meant the fake member?

According to the channels strategies , especially the newly established channels with the rapid increase of the members, by aim of attracting more attention and gaining credit, they will buy a fake Telegram member.

Fake members or fake and virtual members are members who have a real profile and username but no one is behind it and will not be active on your channel. Only your channel membership will increase. These members will not have views for your channel posts.


What is the justification for us to buy a fake member?

According to research, most people do not trust, do not join and leave the channel after seeing a low number of members.

This type of behavior is more common in channels that sell products or services because they feel that these channels could not attract customers and can not be credible or are temporary channels for fraud. Therefore, at the beginning of the activity, it is better to buy a fake member and not worry about visiting the posts, because the visit can also be purchased!

In this way, you use the shortcut to buy a fake member and visit the post to gain the trust of users, and over time, this trust will become more real.

Will we have a drop in channel members after buying a fake member?

The feature and advantage of fake members is that although they seem to have real profiles and usernames, but in fact no one is behind these accounts, and at the end, if they are added to the channel, we will not lose any members.

Besides buying a Telegram member, what other tricks should we use to gain users’ trust?
You need to cover the high number of channel members with tricks and show the number to real users.

Considering that items such as views, polls, views, etc. can be purchased, you can also use this feature to generate content and show a higher interaction rate with users.

Where to buy a fake member?

There are many sites active in Iran and abroad that you can access with a simple Google search, but recently one of the sites has provided a new possibility that has been considered.

Nice Members site has provided the possibility of buying its services in social networks with digital currency, one of the most important services of which is buying a fake Telegram member, buying a real Telegram member, transferring Telegram group members to another group, buying Telegram visits, etc. Pointed to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum , Ripple and Tether.

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